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   INLEX AGENCY  is also engaged in publishing. 

   The Company compiles reference materials and special dictionaries for lawyers, businessmen and bank employees.  

  1996-2005 - “English-Russian Abbreviations Dictionary (Banking, Juridical, Commercial and Transportation Terminology)”  

   1997-2005 -“English-Russian Explanatory Dictionary for Charter, Forwarding and Commercial Operations”

    “Great English-Russian-Latvian  INLEX® Dictionary on book-keeping, financing and audit operations” is in publishing. 

   Different editions of INLEX® DICTIONARIES are available on request.
Written Translations


So this guy was out on his front lawn flying a kite, he was really having a difficult time. The kite was
swinging wildly, not exactly what you\'d describe as stable, so his wife sticks her head out the door and says, "Gee Ralph, it looks like you need more tail."
Ralph replies "Make up your goddamn mind, last night you told me to go fly a kite!".


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